Your Habit Of Biting Nails Could Put You In Serious Chances Of Getting Coronav-irus

In the midst of the coronav!rus outbre-ak, Purvi Parihk, an alle-rgy and infe-ctious dise-ases specialist at New York University’s Langone Medical Centre has warned that biting your nails is the ”easiest way you can contract any infe-ction”. She advised that all kinds of “bacteria, v!ruses, dirt, de-bris’ can collect under your nails, particularly if you aren’t washing or sanitizing your hands properly”. Ms. Purvi told The Cut: “There are so many infe-ctions going around this time of year, from bact-erial to viral to the fl-u.

“But then on top of that, given that we now have this coronav!rus, there’s even more reason not to bite your nails”. K!cki-ng the bad habit takes a lot more than the simple understanding that it isn’t hygienic or healthy.One reason for this is because most people aren’t aware that they are doing it. Despite this, experts insist the unhygienic bad habit can be conquered for once and for all and experts have shared tips to do so online. These tips include wearing gloves, chewing gum and giving yourself regular manicures. Alec Ginsberg, a fourth-generation pharmacist with CO Bigelow Apothecaries, states that wearing gloves is “a very good dete-rrent for anyone who bites their nails”.

He adds that “this may not be a practical solution for around the clock, but if you live in a cold area and are going to be moving around outside, out gloves on even if you normally wouldn’t”. Mr Ginsberg also advised that “chewing gum is a good way to keep your teeth gna-wing on something that is not your nails”.As well as your teeth, he also advised keeping your fingers busy. He added: “I tell people that something as simple as f!dge-ting with a rubber band in your fingers will keep you from bringing them to your face”.Esthetician Renee Rousseau agrees that keeping your fingers busy is a great way to ensure they stay away from your face.

The skincare pro, who helps people bre-ak the habit of picking at their blem!shes, has launched a special gadget – the No Picking! Twisty Toy – to keep fingers occupied and away from the face. Renee states the gadget is “ideal to use when at your desk, watching a movie or TV or anytime you feel the need to touch your face”.Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann states that she has seen “most people find success in stopping nail-biting when they get or give themselves a manicure every four days or so”.

Despite stating this, simply painting your nails with a fresh layer of polish isn’t enough to remove the temptation to bite. Deborah explains that you need to make sure to take care of any part of the nail that might draw you in to chew or bite.Mr. Ginsberg also advises trying ‘a bitter nail paint’ that will make the ends of your fingers taste “d!sgu-sting” if the previous solutions don’t work. He states that “Orly No Bite is probably the most well known”.However, he added “vinegar works too if you are trying to stick with things you have at home”

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