People Appreciated This Nurse Who Gave Her Liver To 8-Year-Old Patient For Saving His Life

The list of people waiting for a transplant is really long. There aren’t too many donors, and most patients wait for years before receiving a good organ. Luckily, some stories have a happy en-ding. Can you imagine the joy patients feel when they receive a call from the hospital? In April this year, Brayden, 8, struggled with a type of agg*essive v!rus that des*royed his liver.

His parents Ruth and James turned the world upside down to find a liver transplant for the kid. It was an emergency. Brayden had finished competing in the state wre-stling championship. His story was shared online in an effort to find a donor. It was a real struggle for the family. Camie Loritz, an I-CU nurse in Milwaukee, was a perfect donor.

Both procedures were scheduled on May 15. Loritz’s name wasn’t mentioned, but she met the boy two weeks later.“She has given up time and went through pa!n to make sure that my son has a chance to walk by my side again and be able to live and thr!ve like a regular 7yr old boy,” Brayden’s dad wrote.

“So thank you Cami Loritz I will never be able to repay the gift that you have given my son and all of us!” Loritz saved Brayden’s life, and the parents couldn’t find words to thank her. Today, the nurse is part of their family.Brayden came back home in July, and he went back to school, too. In September, Loritz thanked everyone for their love and support.

“Now that we are almost 4 months post-transplant it’s heartwarming seeing Brayden enjoy being a kid again, no ar*ument he’s st!nkin’ cute! I am beyond thankful his family gets the chance to have their little boy back and healthy,” Loritz said. “With that said, both the Auten’s and I don’t want this happy en-ding to end here. … Living organ donation is a FEA-SIBLE concept to SAVE LIVES!

On top of all the love and support we’ve received we’re asking for your help to educate the public and raise awareness about living organ donation. “Help us lessen the def!cit between the number of organs needed and the number of organs available. … *Special shout out and thank you to the Transplant Team, Transplant ICU, and 4NW staff (especially nurses) at Froedtert Hospital for making this all possible!”

The liver has an important role in the body. It absorbs toxins and produces proteins. Liver viruses can ca*se ser!ous da*age to the organ. Unfortunately, the condition goes unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage. A liver transplant is sometimes the only problem for patients. The su-rgery lasts 6-8 hours. Before performing the procedure, doctors measure its r!sks and benefits.

Brayden got to meet his miracle today!!! Thank you Cami Loritz for coming to visit him!! And thank you again for…

Posted by James Auten on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Donors are required to meet some cr!teria. The list includes patients with irreversible medical condition and short-term life expectancy, drug users, pulmonary hy-pertens!on, systemic infec-tion or met-astasized canc-er. In other words, liver donors are patients declared as brain de*d.

A partial liver is sometimes donated from a relative or friend. Loritz did an amazing job for the family, and Brayden will always remember her great soul. She saved his life, and that’s not something you underestimate.

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