More Than 30K People Sign Petition To ‘Get Wendy Williams Fir-ed’ After Make Fun Off Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix – VIDEO

Over 30,000 people want more than an apology from Wendy Williams. A Change petition to “Get Wendy Williams Fired” is gaining traction after the famed talk show host mo-cked Joker star Joaquin Phoenix’s fac!al scar.During the “H*t Topic” segment of her talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” on January 7, Wendy said she found Joaquin “oddly attractive,” adding that she even liked the actor’s facial scar.

“When he shaves off his mu-stache he’s got a hairline fr-acture. He’s got one of those — what do you call it? Cleft lip, cl-eft palate,” the 55-year-old talk show said as she pulled her lip up with her finger to mo-ck the condition.While the Oscar nominee hasn’t spoken publicly about his sc-ar, in an October 2019 Vanity Fair profile about Joaquin, the outlet described it as “not a surg!cally fixed cleft, he says, but a nons-urg!cal scar he was born with.”

Though Joaquin has yet to respond to Wendy’s offe*sive comments, many parents and act!vists, including Cher, have been sla*ming Wendy on Twitter and calling for her f!ring for the past week. Corey Perry, however, decided to take it one step further by starting a petition — which has garn-ered 33,000+ signatures and counting as of Thursday afternoon (January 16) — on behalf of her friends Val and Andre, who have a son with a “bil-ateral cle-ft lip, hard and soft palate,” to have Wendy f!red.

“So this ignorant piece of work decided to mo-ck Joaquin Phoenix and his ‘ha-re lip, cle-ft lip, pal-ate’ on daytime television and even went as far as pu*ling her upper lip with her finger, she is a total d!sgrace,” Val wrote in the petition’s description.

“Kids can be cr*el and as a mother of an amazing little guy who was born with complete bila-teral cle-ft lip, hard and soft pal-ate, I am completely d!sgus-ted that she thinks it’s ok to rid!cule and make a joke out of something that is completely out of our control.”

She went on to detail the compl!cations her son has faced because of his condition before concluding her statement: “What I am saying is that she is a d!sgu-sting human being and in my opinion, if Don Cherry got f!red for saying ‘you people’ than she should be ba*ned from daytime TV.”

Wendy issued an apology on Twitter Wednesday (January 15), writing directly to Adam Bighill, who was born with a cl-eft lip and pal-ate, has a son, Beau, who was also born with the cond!tion, and was one of the first to call Wendy out for her comments. “at Bighill44 We’re thinking about Beau today as he is in su*gery,” she began. “I want to apologize to the cle-ft community and in Beau’s honor, our show is donating to at operat!onsmile and at AmerCle-ftPalate and encourage our Wendy Watchers to learn more and help support the cl-eft community.”

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